The swordfish brings the advancement and promotes the wanderlust. In addition, it brings the assertiveness.

Swordfish are solitary fish native to the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Oceans. The fish are predatory and diurnal. The bony fish can travel well over a thousand kilometers. In doing so, it reaches speeds of over 100 km/h. Female swordfish are capable of producing up to five million eggs during their lifetime. The swordfish’s diet includes other fish species such as herring, squid, tuna, mackerel, sardines and anchovies.

Power Animal Swordfish

The power animal swordfish brings further development and the desire of individual realization. Especially the emotional and intuitive skills are promoted by this power animal. In harmony with the feelings, decisions are made that lead to successful self-realization. The mental, energetic or physical travel can bring useful impulses these days.

Positive Consideration

With this power animal, a reflection on personal interests takes place. The individual development is in the foreground, so that a better satisfaction is achieved. With the swordfish as a power animal, planned training or further education succeeds.

Negative Consideration

The pursuit of one’s own wishes and interests are not approved of by everyone. It may be that the implementation of the decisions made meets with resistance and interpersonal tensions arise. There is a lack of support from fellow human beings so that one’s own strengths are activated more strongly.

Dream Interpretation Swordfish

If the swordfish appears in a dream, the emotional balance should be established through personal development. The dreamer’s own wishes are to be realized. A project will succeed, although the dreamer will be on his own.

Positive Aspects

The desire to travel and undertake new ventures is on the rise. The world wants to be explored so that new inspirations enrich one’s own life. This promotes the realization of one’s own interests and reflection on oneself.

Negative Aspects

The search for help and support will come to nothing. The dreamer is asked to independently find a solution to current challenges. He should move out of his comfort zone for this and try new ways.