Tadpoles are a symbol of growth and development. In addition, they represent the simplicity of life and immaturity.

Tadpoles are larvae of frogs and thus belong to the amphibians. They hatch from laid eggs and are therefore born in water. They are in the process of developing into a juvenile frog or toad. The tail of a tadpole develops back as well as the gills, which ensure oxygen supply during the time they are in the water. In the developmental process, the limbs and internal organs such as the lungs grow. Tadpoles grow up with their siblings and without the help of their parents. They live dangerously as they have many predators. They include fish, newts or birds living near water.

Power Animal Tadpoles

The power animal tadpoles symbolizes a transitional phase. This may last for a few days or weeks. Sometimes it is a period or phase of life that resembles a transformation. Things will change and the original life will not exist in the usual form later. The power animal brings further development and a period of intense growth.

Positive Consideration

If the power animal appears or accompanies our life, we notice a change in life habits that happen almost by itself. Similar to puberty or menopause, we experience an inner transformation with a simultaneous new perception of the outside world. A very interesting time with many new experiences awaits us.

Negative Consideration

The past is behind us, but the future is not yet clear. This can lead to uncertainty. What once gave support will dissolve and new pillars of strength will grow. The reality and truth of today may no longer be valid tomorrow. It is like an adventure, which not everyone can endure equally well.

Dream Interpretation Tadpoles

If the tadpoles appear in a dream, it becomes restless and firmly believed appointments or goals begin to dissolve. Likewise, problems and worries also disappear. The larvae let the dreamer know that everything will appear in a new light in a short time.

Positive Aspects

Simplicity and simplicity bring relief. Everything can start all over again and the dreamer gets the opportunity to start all over again. From now on everything is possible again and old vices disappear.

Negative Aspects

Starting over can lead to anxiety and resentment. What was once built up loses substance and with it the hope that a turnaround would have been possible. The dreamer no longer gets a chance to turn an oar, he must get into a new boat.