Thursday is carried by basically pleasant energies. However, these can also become too much.

General Meaning

Thursday is entirely under the influence of growth and development. Expansion is sought on various levels and pursued with all the cells of the body. The basic energy of the weekday is characterized by happy moments, the increase of success and recognition. Glory as well as encouragement are increased on this day of the week. Likewise the search for it.

As a negative side, the pursuit of growth can also animate the wrong things. It is not always possible to control and steer what should become more. Therefore, this day should also be viewed suspiciously. Above all, decisions should be reconsidered before matters get out of hand that are not desired.

There is a lack of discipline. This can have unpleasant consequences if we give in uncontrollably to the desire for abundance.  On this day, risks are less present to us, as we are completely focused on the possibilities of unfolding.

Thursday is in conjunction with the planet Jupiter. Thus, legal matters are also linked to this day of the week. As a result, in energetic work this day is often preferred when it comes to setting dates or making legal decisions. Since judicial dates cannot be freely chosen, interested people or believers therefore try to use this day to deal with important correspondence. In this way, they hope for a good development of the matters to be settled.

Astrological Meaning

Thursday children are called winners. They have a high power of persuasion and strive for a leadership position in their lives. In them lies dormant a certain sensitivity coupled with a certain flair for making the right decisions. They pursue high ideals and goals throughout their entire life span. To a certain extent, they want to achieve something unforgettable and be remembered by posterity.




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