Wednesday represents the middle of the week. With this day, many people experience a feeling of an inner turnaround. The weekend comes within reach and with it the time for leisure activities increases in many cases.

General Meaning

The energy of the day is characterized by communication. This can be verbal as well as non-verbal. It is the time for contracts, negotiations and the creation of written documents. At the same time, important conversations or meetings can be scheduled for this day, as overall the need for exchange is intensified.

Under positive vibrations, it is a good day for diplomatic conversations. People come together and show themselves solution-oriented. Therefore, existing conflicts, differences and disagreements can often be resolved on a Wednesday. Even if a face-to-face conversation cannot take place, written correspondence on this day in many cases already brings a solution or at least a positive development.

Negatively aspected, this day means that bad gossip increases. Gossip is intensified. People talk their heads off and not always good decisions come out of it. There is a tendency to talk smack. The energy of the day sometimes lacks the necessary orientation or discipline to initiate objective developments. Sometimes there are too many superficialities that influence and thus no good decisions are possible.

Travel, training, seminars and sales promotions are supported in the middle of the week. Especially short trips can be planned or carried out on this day.

Astrological Meaning

People who saw the light of day on a Wednesday are very communicative. They travel frequently, are adaptable and have a creative streak. They are said to be diplomatic and teachable. Wednesday children like to educate themselves, but they can also be prone to spreading gossip. Secrets are not always in good hands with them.




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