The whale brings on the energetic as well as the spiritual level indications of one’s own development. Existing knowledge is expanded and the connection to the self is intensified.

Whales are mammals. They are found exclusively in waters and mainly in the world’s oceans. The dolphins, among others, belong to the family of sea dwellers. Whales have a pronounced social behavior, live monogamous in partnerships or are loners. If they live in stressful situations or suffer from a lack of food, the heavyweights become unstoppable. They can become aggressive and dangerous in these situations. In an appropriate environment, they show themselves playful and usually in a good mood.

Whales communicate through special sounds and songs. These are specific and individual between groups or each animal. The whale songs can be transported under water for several hundred kilometers. There are only a few natural predators of whales. They include sharks or, depending on the size of the whale, seals. The whale itself feeds on all the different fish that cross its path.

Power Animal Whale

The power animal whale brings the special communication and transmission of ancient knowledge. One’s own spiritual unfoldment is represented by the mammal. The sounds of the whale are used as healing sounds or whale songs in various healing sessions or during meditation. The vibrations are good for the organism. The power animal promotes purification and supports one’s defense system. Those who connect with the power animal whale can experience detoxification on the energetic level. Afterwards, the energy system is strengthened with positive impulses.

Positive Consideration

The power animal wants to remind that development processes need time. The natural development should be given enough space to unfold. Calmness and patience bring strength and stability. The whale moves mainly under water. In a good condition it performs air jumps and shows joy of life. The connection between the elements water and air is therefore presented by him. Emotions and thoughts come into balance as soon as the power animal appears.

Negative Consideration

The whale cannot adapt in uncomfortable situations. He reacts aggressively and very restless. This behavior means on the energetic level that the strength and perseverance for diplomatic solutions are missing. Injuries or hypersensitivity may contribute to create their own obstacles and compromise is difficult. The great sensitivity of the animal can also be a hindrance in coping with everyday life.

Dream Interpretation Whale

In dream interpretation, the whale is a symbol of the discovery of the hidden sides. It brings deep-seated emotions to the surface and connects them with wisdom. The dreamer can look forward to being initiated into secrets and ancient knowledge.

Positive Aspects

If a time of special challenges lies behind the dreamer, the whale brings the message that now a phase of rising (up) comes. The feeling of rebirth can occur and the overall quality of life improves. Deep breathing becomes possible now.

Negative Aspects

A whale in captivity will rebel and become an unpleasant contemporary. Therefore, it will become uncomfortable in the dreamer’s life if the person is constricted or deprives others of their freedom. Depending on the situation, changes are to be expected, as the current circumstances of life are no longer tenable in this way.