Wild Boar

The wild boar has a strong will. It digs tirelessly until it reaches its destination and has brought everything to the surface. Unconscious energies are transported to the surface by the animal.

Wild boars can be found on almost every continent of our planet. They were settled in different places and as an adaptable animal can survive almost everywhere. Especially on small islands tourists enjoy the sight of them. The wild boar is the ancestral form of the domestic pig and belongs to the real pig family. These omnivores are known to dig up the ground and find anything below the surface. The cloven-hoofed animals live mostly in groups. Only sexually mature males roam the countryside as solitary animals. The predators of wild boars include bears, tigers, wolves, the fox as well as the lynx. In addition, they are often a target in hunting,

Power Animal Wild Boar

The power animal wild boar embodies the own will. This is to be promoted and intensified. Hidden energies want to come to the surface, so that they are processed there accordingly. Unconscious forces can lead to dissatisfaction, bad mood and disturbances. So that these can dissolve, they must be recognized. Tirelessly the warrior moves forward until he has found everything.

Positive Consideration

Wisdom and strength are expressed through the power animal wild boar. The search for a hidden element brings success and leads to relief and joy. As soon as all facts are openly accessible, a deep satisfaction returns. Fertility and marksmanship are also experienced on the energetic level.

Negative Consideration

The animal fights and defends itself and its relatives. However, sometimes it symbolizes overreaction, as the animal feels unjustly attacked by others. Therefore, the power animal wild boar also brings aggression and anger.

Dream interpretation Wild Boar

In dream interpretation, the wild boar is a symbol of success. Those who allow themselves to be guided and directed by their nose will experience fulfillment as well as unexpected accuracy in the search for the desired goal.

Positive Aspects

The animal is considered very fertile. Therefore, projects will show a positive development. With the desire for offspring cloven-hoofed also brings good news.

Negative Aspects

The relentless fighter often does not notice how recklessly he behaves. With the goal clearly in mind, the boar is often not interested in how others feel about it. It therefore lacks empathy.