The weasel is known as a nimble quadruped. On the one hand, he brings help and support from other unwanted guests. Likewise, criminal activities are associated with him.

The weasel belongs to the predators. It is assigned to the marten family and is native to Europe. These solitary creatures are crepuscular and nocturnal, living in tree hollows or rock crevices. Their speed and agility is remarkable. As hunters, they are considered aggressive and pugnacious. Often they kill prey animals equal to their own body size. The quadrupeds have an excellent sense of sight, hearing and smell.

The weasel is popular in gardens or yards as it hunts snakes and rats. It has a large territory, covering about 40 hectares, from which same-sex weasels are driven out. Its diet also includes birds and other smaller vertebrates. Natural enemies of the weasel include foxes, birds of prey and owls.

Power Animal Weasel

The power animal weasel is seen as a helper and supporter in the search for enemies or begrudging people in the environment. The dynamics will increase in speed in the near future. Nimble and with a good intuition it comes to the uncovering of various unnoticed energies. The power animal makes it clear that shadow sides will be uncovered so that a balance can be established. Problems will be disassembled piece by piece in the coming time and solved.

Positive Consideration

The predator knows no mercy. Unpleasant truths and deception will be uncovered. If fetters are too tight, the power animal weasel will find a way of liberation with skill. Elegantly and without attracting much attention, a solution is found and liberation sets in. Above all, the undesirable people or behavior patterns are cleared out of the way at the same time.

Negative Consideration

One’s own mistakes, lies and deceit are noticed just as much as the discrepancies in others. A mirror is held up to one’s own misdeeds. This can lead to a troubled time. Forgiveness of others is just as important as self-criticism and forgiveness of oneself. To convince only by a ruse does not bring stable success in the long run. Being temporarily in the spotlight will work. Nevertheless, it should be expected that others will take one’s place if it was only obtained through deception and overreaching.

Dream Interpretation Weasel

In der Traumdeutung wird der Wiesel mit kriminellen Machenschaften in Verbindung gebracht. Glück und Erfolg liegen eng mit Betrug sowie Diebstahl beeinander. Die Grenze zwischen beiden Seiten ist nicht immer deutlich zu erkennen. Es wird ein Gleichgewicht zwischen den Gegensätzen, zwischen Recht und Unrecht hergestellt. Dabei kommen unangenehme Themen an die Oberfläche.

Positive Aspects

It is important to keep track of one’s own misconduct and, if necessary, to go on the offensive as quickly as possible. Admitting mistakes gives you an advantage and prevents further dishonesty.

Negative Aspects

The temptation to conceal facts is great. Nevertheless, one should play with open cards, because the untruth will come to light. Giving away responsibility will bring about unpleasant consequences.