The wolf is a pack animal. He can survive under very difficult living conditions, because his instinctual security gives him orientation and support.

The wolf is a creature to which justice, strength and a very good instinct are attributed. He belongs to the family of dogs and can lead an entire pack or strictly follow the internal rules as well as guidelines. Hunting in these predators is always done in a community and almost silently. Wolves know about their collective power and can use it wisely.

The wolf is revered in some faiths. Likewise he stands for demarcation and exclusion. Outside of the own pack he is rejected and chased away. He brings fear and at the same time he provides respect. The wolf is associated with the energies of the moon.

Power Animal Wolf

The power animal wolf stands for discipline, strategy and the collective success. He activates the self-healing powers on the energetic level and mobilizes power reserves.

The wolf does not come alone. His entire pack is behind him and helps to overcome negative influences. With his support, internal as well as external disturbing factors are eliminated.

Positive Consideration

The power animal represents success and the victory of a matter. Wolves have a very intelligent communication system. The vocalization and communication among themselves is remarkable. The exchange with others will therefore bring orientation and lead to important answers.

Ideas and projects will be put into action. One’s own convictions will be fought for. The inner voice will show the way and unerringly take the right course.

Negative Consideration

The wolf is fierce and lures his prey into an ambush. Most of the time he is not alone. His behavior is driven and his urge to hunt is irrepressible. He abuses his power and can not renounce a group dynamic, even if it is bad.

The shadow side of the power animal includes cowardice, unruliness and bullying. There is no room in groups for an individual’s emotional state or opinion. It takes energy and muzzles critics even from within its own ranks.

Dream Interpretation Wolf

The wolf in a dream indicates the power of community. The dreamer should listen to his own intuition and lead others with self-assurance. Messages from their own ranks should be perceived and understood.

In addition, the quadruped wants to point to the signals of the unconscious. These are to be decoded, since they refer to important areas.

Positive Aspects

With a wolf that moves deliberately and purposefully, the dreamer expects to achieve his goal. In the process, the support of others is important and should be used.

Negative Aspects

In the case of an overall unpleasant mood in the dream, the wolf warns of a threatening situation. A pack of wolves can indicate adversaries acting in concert, against whom the dreamer can not prevail.