Wombats are small marsupials that are native to the Australian continent. The animals resemble small plump bears and are mostly found underground.

Wombats are related to kangaroos and koalas. All species are marsupials and are native to Australia. There are three different wombats, the naked-nosed wombat, the northern hairy-nosed wombat and the southern hairy-nosed wombat. Visually, they resemble small bears. The nocturnal animals live most of the time below the ground. There they build long tunnels and passages. This is also the best place for the herbivore to seek safety from predators such as dingoes or other wild dogs.

The small and cute looking animals are considered aggressive and can show very aggressive behavior as soon as they feel threatened. In addition, they can quickly flee from many attackers at speeds of up to 40 km per hour.

The sleeping behavior of the wombats is considered special: they first roll to the side, then turn onto their backs and sleep while all four feet are stretched in the air.

Power Animal Wombats

The power animal Wombats stands for the connection of confidence and defense. This power animal is often underestimated and judged only by the first impression. The ponderous and cute-looking animal often leaves the impression that it can endure many situations and will comply. Who falls into this judgment, will quickly have to be taught better.

With this power animal, inner forces are mobilized and no one who goes beyond his needs, has an easy game with him. The marsupial reminds that one’s own interests should be protected. Even if there is just no opportunity to actively participate in the events themselves, their own voice should still not be overheard in any case.

Positive Consideration

This particular power animal shows the importance of rest and regeneration. Feeling good in your own body, but also in the immediate environment has a high priority. Only those who feel completely safe and secure can also draw sufficient strength.

Should other people take their interests more important, the power animal Wombats will remind them that balance is needed and that everyone has a right to their own thinking.

Negative Consideration

The wombat very rarely appears on the picture surface. This contributes to the fact that his views are often not sufficiently represented. Sometimes, therefore, peaceful solutions are difficult to find and working out compromises before a conflict breaks out becomes almost impossible. This is especially true when the environment is riddled with strong ego structures. In this case, open confrontation is needed to maintain personal boundaries.

In addition, the Wombats means that some experiences are perceived as difficult to digest. It might be helpful to confide in other people and talk about what has been experienced.

Dream Interpretation Wombats

If a wombat appears in a dream, the connection to a cuddly teddy is quickly made. However, wombats are not cuddly animals and they avoid eye contact with other creatures. They live reclusive lives and like to be underground. Therefore, the dreamer should check what hidden issues he is currently carrying around and face them.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer knows about his inner strength and will shortly think of a strategy how to meet the current challenges. The marsupial advises prudence and retreat, so that success in the further course is certain.

Negative Aspects

Because the dreamer has not contributed enough himself in the past, he is now being ignored by others and underestimated in his competencies. It is time to face oneself and the world openly instead of dragging things around with oneself.