Zodiac Sign Aquarius

The zodiac sign Aquarius rules from January 20 to February 18 of a year.

Aquarius-born people need a lot of variety in their lives. They want to make their life interesting and exciting. They like to spend their time with friends. Group activities fulfill them and provide enrichment in life. The zodiac sign Aquarius symbolizes extraversion and unconventionality. Developing individuality is a priority for them. Freedom-loving and socially minded they present themselves. They have a strong desire for fairness.


  • Element: Air
  • Color: Yellow to orange, light blue
  • Male sign
  • Numerology: Number 11
  • Planet assignment: Uranus; alternatively Saturn
  • Quality: fixed
  • Weekday: Saturday

Astrological Symbol

Positive Aspects

The zodiac sign Aquarius stands for spontaneity, inspiration, renewal and helpfulness. He has a strong intuition, is a team player, inventive and open to everything new. Rarely does he have prejudices. Universally gifted, he has a selfless commitment and wants to do good for the community. He is eager to experiment and usually has many ideas. Friends and a large social environment are important to him.

Negative Aspects

Aquarius is an egocentric, eccentric and loner. Loneliness and isolation belong to him as well as infidelity, inconstancy and superficiality. He is unpredictable, volatile, treacherous, nervous and cool. He is impersonal, arrogant and boastful. He does not keep promises, is a rebel and changes his views or opinions.


Addressed body regions: Lower legs, calves, ankles, blood circulation, heart, back

  • Ankle fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Varicose veins
  • Calf cramps
  • phlebitis
  • Heart disease
  • walking disorders
  • swollen legs
  • blood diseases

Legal Notice About The Diseases

For legal reasons, it is expressly stated at this point that the information given does not include medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation or treatment.

Following the astrological traditions, the mentioned areas belong to the health weak points of the concerned zodiac signs, which can occur, but by no means have to be present.

In case of existing complaints, a doctor or therapist should always be consulted.

The listed overview of the possible diseases has no claim to completeness.

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