Zodiac Sign Capricorn

The zodiac sign Capricorn rules from December 22 to January 19 of a year.

Capricorn natives are conservative and disciplined. They think rationally and want to create value in their lives. Visually, they often appear tense and serious. It seems as if they do not understand humor. The zodiac sign Capricorn symbolizes tradition and rigor. He is a fighter, pursues his goal to the end and has high demands on himself.


  • Element: earth
  • Color: black; dark colors
  • Numerology: number 10
  • Planet assignment: Saturn
  • Quality: cardinal
  • Feminine sign
  • Weekday: Saturday

Astrological Symbol

Positive Aspects

The zodiac sign Capricorn stands for self-discipline, consistency, sense of responsibility and loyalty. He is resilient, patient, tough, honest and modest. He has a good memory, is analytically gifted, strong-willed, has integrity, is profound and righteous. He finishes things he has started. Being alone is not a problem for him. He has a talent for leadership and organization. He is sincere and has a good memory.

Negative Aspects

Capricorn is materialistic and narrow-minded. As a workaholic, he has excessive ambition. He is closed, conservative and stingy. There is a great fear of opening up to others in him. He lacks empathy and compassion. He is a lone wolf and does not let others help him. Capricorn is strict and hard.


Addressed body regions: Knee, skeleton, skin, stomach, chest

  • Knee injuries
  • Calcification
  • skin rashes
  • chronic disease
  • deficiency
  • gout
  • disease of the hearing
  • tendons
  • Teeth

Legal Notice About The Diseases

For legal reasons, it is expressly stated at this point that the information given does not include medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation or treatment.

Following the astrological traditions, the mentioned areas belong to the health weak points of the concerned zodiac signs, which can occur, but by no means have to be present.

In case of existing complaints, a doctor or therapist should always be consulted.

The listed overview of the possible diseases has no claim to completeness.

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