Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign at birth has a formative effect on the entire life. There are a total of 12 different signs of the zodiac. They are also called signs of the zodiac. The sun passes through each of them for about one month of the year. Since the sun does not change to the next sign at midnight, there may be shifts in some years. Therefore, it should always be checked individually in which sign the Sun was at one’s birth. The beginning of the astrological calendar year is dated March 21.




Zodiac Sign

21. März – 20. April


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21. April – 21. Mai


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22. Mai – 21. Juni


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22. Juni – 22. Juli


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23. Juli – 22. August


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23. August – 22. September


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23. September – 22. Oktober


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23. Oktober – 22. November


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23. November – 21. Dezember


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22. Dezember – 19. Januar


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20. Januar – 18. Februar


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19. Februar – 20. März


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Some people experience slight shifts in the signs of the zodiac. This depends on the respective time of birth, since the sun does not change into a new zodiac sign exactly at midnight.


The zodiac sign is determined by the day of birth. The position of the sun is decisive for it. He gives information about the character of the horoscope owner. Essential qualities are described by the sign of the zodiac. The strengths and at the same time the weaknesses can be analyzed.

In addition, the position of the planets has a significant meaning. Depending on which sign of the zodiac they are in, individual characteristics come to the fore.

Together with the ascendant and the position of the moon, the sign of the zodiac at birth forms a fundamental basis. This is used for a rough description to the person. At the same time they give first hints in the search for a suitable partner.