A chick symbolizes innocence and purity. They are a sign of carefreeness and can announce family growth.

Chicks are young animals of chickens, ducks or birds. They have a cuddly downy feather dress and act clumsy. They wear the plumage for a few weeks until it is replaced by feathers. The young birds call to get food from their parents or to communicate with each other. The nestlings let themselves be taken care of until they can take care of themselves independently. Each young animal knows its place in the community and makes friends with conspecifics.

Power Animal Chick

The power animal chick brings carefreeness and unconcern. It represents a time of new beginnings and a phase of reorientation. The world should be viewed through children’s eyes and without judgment. There is much to discover and learn. The family provides the necessary security and orientation for this.

Positive Consideration

The power of the community will be helpful in the coming time. It may not be possible to contribute much oneself, but that is not necessary at the moment. Being able to drop and rely on others gives a sense of stability.

Negative Consideration

The power animal can be a sign of naivety. Too reckless or thoughtless decisions were made, where the desired success did not occur. One’s own behavior should be reconsidered and a necessary assumption of responsibility should be examined.

Dream Interpretation Chick

If one or more chicks appear in a dream, it may be a sign of family growth. Joyful news announce themselves and new enters the life of the dreamer. It can also be a desire for children, which is expressed by the young animal.

Positive Aspects

Happiness, satisfaction and new opportunities are ready. A door may open and a new beginning may be announced. At present, there is no reason for worries or problems, as a time of light-heartedness is in the offing.

Negative Aspects

In a matter, things are not questioned enough or cluelessness can be exploited. The dreamer should exchange his ignorance for knowledge and inform himself more about a situation or a project.