The cheetah is fast, an excellent hunter and has a responsiveness that leaves others speechless. The big cat recognizes opportunities and attacks in a flash.

The cheetah is a predator and belongs to the family of cats. It lives in Africa and there exclusively in steppes and savannas. It avoids areas with a lot of vegetation, because there is not enough opportunity to run quickly over wide areas. It is the nature of the animal to move and hunt over a large open area. The quadrupeds use grasses and hills from where they can spy out the landscape in a protected way.

The male cheetahs of the diurnal hunters often live together in associations. Only during the mating season the different sexes meet for a short time. The females take care of the offspring and then remain alone. The food spectrum of the cheetah mainly includes antelopes and gazelles. He himself must protect himself from lions, hyenas, leopards and birds of prey.

Differences Jaguar, Leopard, Cheetah

The cheetah, unlike the jaguar or leopard, cannot retract its claws. In the face, two characteristic lines run symmetrically from the eye to the mouth. This makes it easy to distinguish visually from other big cats. The leopard likes to climb trees and view its territory from there. The jaguar has the wider forehead shape and the shorter tail. This makes climbing more difficult, but it is not impossible for him.

The cheetah’s fur has dark spots or flecks. Leopards and jaguars have fur patches in the form of rings. In the ringed patterns there are light spots. In the jaguar, the light spots often have spots in addition.

Power Animal Cheetah

The power animal cheetah brings the quick decisions and changes. A favorable opportunity presents itself that should be seized. Thinking and acting is lightning fast. By seizing an opportunity, there is the possibility to initiate fundamental life changes. Wide awake and with a clear mind, situations are recognized and analyzed.

Positive Consideration

Being in the right place at the right time gives you an advantage over competitors or rivals. The power animal lets know that the opportunity is favorable to give a decisive impulse to his own life. Within a short time new course can be set, so that a turn for the better is made possible.

Negative Consideration

Those who do not use the opportunities that present themselves will be sorry in retrospect. The power animal cheetah lives on the quick responsiveness and impulsive action. It is at the same time reckless and solely concerned with its own well-being. Therefore, the affected person himself has the afterglow if he does not take action or must face reproaches from others.

Traumdeutung Gepard

In dream interpretation, the cheetah is a symbol of the increase of everyday speed. The events will rush and the dreamer will have a favorable opportunity, which he should not let pass.

Positive Aspects

The time for long-needed changes in life is ripe. Shortly it is necessary to recognize and use an opportunity with a vigilant mind. This will bring a turnaround and thus an achievement of goals in a current matter.

Negative Aspects

The cheetah thinks only of its own advantage. This will cause envy, quarrels and selfishness. The dreamer will have to justify himself and possibly face the consequences of this behavior.