The chicken symbolically expresses the vitality and vigilance. The morning wake-up call of the animal announces the beginning of the day and thus the start of everyday obligations.

The chicken is one of the most familiar creatures in our environment. It serves as a signaller, for food and thanks to its plumage can be protective even after its demise. Thus, it is comparable to the duck or goose. Chickens are short-sighted, combative, vigilant and brave. With the beginning of the day they make sure that the living beings of the immediate environment are awakened punctually. The omnivores with good hearing are still found on almost all farms in our country. The animal perceives earth rays and avoids areas from which unusual or unhealthy energies emanate. In addition, silhouettes of the feathered fowl are used as weathercocks to indicate the current wind direction on roofs. Because of their many benefits to humans, these animals are indispensable, especially in rural areas.

Power Animal Chicken

The power animal chicken indicates that it is time to become active. Tasks lying ahead of us want to be processed and solved. Powerful and bursting with vitality, the challenges of everyday life should be solved. In addition, the animal announces fertility on the energetic level. The applied energy will be successful if diligence and perseverance are proven.

Positive Consideration

The chicken is a fighter and courageous creature. The current issues are overcome by mobilizing the inner forces. The responsibility for the fulfillment of everyday concerns lies in one’s own hands. The creative power increases and will bear fruit.

Every day hens lay an egg. This means translated that the daily energies are used and new creative momentum is ready in the achievement of goals. Ideas are developed and born from within. In the immediate environment is all that is needed for fulfillment.

Negative Consideration

The chicken’s shortsightedness indicates limited perception. The view should widen, so as not to display narrow-mindedness or arrogance. The proud and lofty animal may indicate that fellow humans smell arrogance and turn away.

The chicken’s frantic movements and excitement also indicate an increased potential for stress. Artificial inflation should be avoided in everyday life.

Dream Interpretation Chicken

If the fowl appears in a dream, there will be important news. A crowing chicken announces a message in the life of the dreamer, which must necessarily be heard.

The creative power and inner strength increase. Ideas can be realized. The daily routine will be more structured as a whole.

Positive Aspects

A proudly strutting chicken or rooster brings improvements in vitality and attention. Professional or private efforts will be crowned with success.
If a chicken lays eggs, professional or financial projects will bring a significant improvement. If there is a desire for offspring, there could soon be joyful news here as well.

Negative Aspects

A fighting chicken or a cockfight announces quarrels and disagreements.
The unsuccessful attempt to catch a chicken symbolizes irregularities in partnership matters. Fertility and sensual desire are disturbed.
Slaughtering a chicken is an indication of self-destructive actions.
In addition, the view of the current situations must be expanded, otherwise important processes will be overlooked.