The cockatoo brings the joy of life, carefree times and fun. He is a sign of communication, exchange and gossip.

Cockatoos are parrots and are native to Australia, New Guinea, Sunda Islands and the Philippines. The intelligent birds live in groups or flocks without a hierarchy. The very social animals are monogamous and extremely skillful with their feet, which serve as grasping tools.

Cockatoos are considered playful and communicative. They have a loud voice and can mimic sounds or tones flawlessly. The crepuscular vegetarians build their nests in burrows and feed on nuts or fruits.

Power Animal Cockatoo

The power animal cockatoo brings sociability and the joy of community. Together the world can be conquered or at least a project can be made successful. The exchange among each other runs at full speed. There are many conversations and new contacts are made.

Positive Consideration

The self-confidence is strengthened and the well-being increases. Spiritual energy increases and questioning is worthwhile. Matters are not simply accepted. Questions are asked and inquiries are made in order to be able to understand all aspects.

Negative Consideration

Talking a lot can lead to gossip. Unnecessary criticism or speaking one’s mind without being asked can lead to disruptions in togetherness. Not everyone wants to know the views of another and sometimes it is exhausting when someone does not let others have their say.

Dream Interpretation Cockatoo

In dream interpretation, the cockatoo is a sign of joie de vivre, fun and hours spent together. Group activities or couples’ evenings announce themselves. Loose hours are lived together in which common interests are pursued.

Positive Aspects

The coming days will be spent in pairs or in a convivial atmosphere. The time of being alone is over, because now it is all about experiencing something together. This increases self-confidence and promotes satisfaction.

Negative Aspects

The cockatoo warns against gossip and calls for keeping one’s mouth shut in time. Having an opinion about everything can lead to conflict. Secrets cannot be kept because the tongue is simply too loose.