The parrot is the symbol of communication and interpersonal exchange. The adaptive and intelligent animal also promotes the creative side in us.

Categorization of parrots is not very simple and controversial. Often distinguished parakeets, cockatoos, macaws and lorises. The latter are nectar-eating birds, which are pictured above. All other species also like fruits, flowers, seeds, millet leaves, roots or bark. Parrots live in warm regions and are therefore found in tropical or subtropical areas.

Common to all species is the usually very bright colors, the crooked beak and the social behavior. Parrots are very intelligent and, along with ravens, are considered the most adaptive flying animals. Many species mimic the language and vocalizations of other creatures. The animals live in flocks and are always there for each other. Their natural predators include birds of prey or cats of prey.

Power Animal Parrot

The power animal parrot brings joie de vivre, creativity and fun into life. Variety, making new contacts and many conversations enrich the coming time. The power animal attracts the attention of others and is like a magnet. Its behavior amuses and thus drives away dull thoughts as well as emotions. Who observes parrots, forgets the time and dives into a world in which everything seems possible.

Positive Consideration

The bright colors of the bird bring healing on different levels. The horizon expands and sometimes makes disturbances disappear as if by themselves. The attitude towards life and everyday life changes. Everything seems loosened up and more detached. The power of the community carries and shows the diversity of decision-making possibilities.

Negative Consideration

The ability to imitate can quickly be perceived as unpleasant for others. Exposure and the feeling of being ridiculed in front of everyone can lead to conflict and emotional hurt. In addition, many conversations can also quickly turn into gossip and banter.

Dream Interpretation Parrot

If the parrot flies or climbs around in a dream, everyday life becomes more joyful and life-affirming. Joy, creativity and communication increase. In addition, opportunities open up for the dreamer to learn new skills and expand their own abilities.

Positive Aspects

By exchanging ideas with like-minded people and getting to know new social contacts, life becomes more colorful, diverse and playful. Pranks are played and time spent together is simply enjoyed. Emotional burdens appear less significant.

Negative Aspects

Imitation and gossip can be hurtful and unproductive. The parrot’s talkativeness can strain an interpersonal connection and lead to disputes. Confidence that has been placed in the parrot diminishes when a friend’s secrets are passed on through gossip.