The cockchafer is a messenger of spring. It can be found only a limited time in the year and is a sign of upcoming changes. The messenger has an irrepressible hunger.

The cockchafer belongs to the insects and the order of beetles. It is mainly found in Europe and flies over moist soil in May and June. The larvae are laid in humus soils. The male dies immediately after mating and the female after laying eggs. The larvae hatch only four to six weeks after egg laying. They are called grubs and require a total of three to five years of metamorphosis. Only then are they sexually mature. The beetles are pure vegetarians and feed on leaves of deciduous trees. They themselves have many natural enemies. They include hedgehogs, birds, field mice or martens. Moles and mice prefer to eat the larvae of cockchafer.

Power Animal Cockchafer

The power animal cockchafer wants to point out on the energetic level that all answers are in the immediate vicinity. It does not take much to find a solution to current concerns. Looking into the distance will not be helpful, because the current situation in life can only be changed by impulses from the environment.

Positive Consideration

The cockchafer helps to change burdens into a liberating energy. Lightness returns when in the present a new attitude to one’s own existence. The joy of life is to be activated by one’s own initiative. Laughing, dancing or singing can be helpful to leave negative developments behind.

Negative Consideration

Adversity and problems have built up over a long period of time. The power animal cockchafer reminds us that a long path of development has occurred, which has given rise to the emergence of emotions such as anger and resentment. These will continue to build up unless changes are made.

Dream Interpretation Cockchafer

In dream interpretation, the cockchafer is a bearer of messages. These are usually associated with upcoming challenges. Difficulties and losses are to be expected when the messenger of spring appears in a dream. Problems can only be sorted out with difficulty. Even the best plans can not be implemented as the dreamer would like.

Positive Aspects

If the dream succeeds in catching the cockchafer, unpleasant developments can be changed in a pleasant direction. The dreamer gets the opportunity to independently change discrepancies or unwanted situations.

Negative Aspects

The beetle heralds a time of trouble or difficulty. It will be difficult to avoid the future developments. Therefore, stress and unpleasant situations can be expected temporarily, because there are people in the immediate environment who behave uncooperatively and unfairly.