The cockroach is a sign of good survival skills. Even the worst crises are survived. It also symbolizes conflicts and difficulties.

Cockroaches or cockroaches belong to the insects. They originate from Africa and are nocturnal creatures. There are several species of cockroaches, of which especially the cockroach is distributed worldwide except for Antarctica. Although cockroaches have wings, they mostly climb and move forward very quickly on the ground. They like to live in the dark and hide well.

Cockroaches live in larger groups and have good social behavior among themselves. They are omnivores and are excellent at adapting to changing living conditions. Their natural enemies include the wasp, spiders, birds or mammals.

Power Animal Cockroach

The power animal cockroach brings a very strong energy. The insect can adapt very well to the current conditions and is difficult to drive away. Therefore, they represent renewal, resistance and resilience. Their resilience is enormous on an emotional as well as physical level. The power animal cockroach reminds you to focus on what is most important for survival and not to be distracted.

Positive Consideration

The cockroach as a power animal indicates the inner strength. The insect has a good social behavior and is not a loner. With tricks, thoughtful action and the knowledge of when it is time for retreat, it ensures not only their own but also the continued existence of like-minded people.

Negative Consideration

Cockroaches are disease carriers of very difficult pathogens. As a power animal, the cockroach therefore admonishes to take good care of everyone’s health and not to harm others carelessly. One’s own resistance is not comparable to that of other people around.

Dream Interpretation Cockroach

Dream interpretation sees the cockroach as a warning of disturbances and as a sign symbolizing the finding of balance. Between light and shadow, withdrawal and society or other opposites, it is necessary to find your place.

Positive Aspects

If the cockroach appears in a dream, it indicates that the dreamer is a survivor. Whatever tasks are to be solved in the present or the near future, the dreamer will master them.

Negative Aspects

In dream interpretation, the cockroach is also an indication of impending conflicts, challenges or general difficulties. These can be protracted and are difficult to solve. Whenever a result seems within reach, new problems are likely to arise.