The condor is one of the largest birds on our planet. The imposing animal is also one of the oldest living creatures. As an ambassador between humans and the divine world, he mediates.

Condors are birds of prey and native to the west coast of South America. The ace-eaters are often depicted as heraldic animals of South American states. To reach their prey, they often attempt to bring down quadrupeds such as cows, sheep or goats on mountain slopes by vigorously flapping their wings. For protection and due to the increasing human settlement policy, the birds have moved to higher mountain elevations over the years. Their population is considered endangered. They are often targets of hunters, as bone parts and other body parts are used as medicines.

The sounds of the condor are rarely heard. Most of the time the animals are mute and are more noticeable by beak rattles or air blasts. The birds of prey reach adulthood only in the 6th-8th year of life. This is comparatively very late.

Power Animal Condor

The power animal condor already reveals by its imposing appearance that it brings power and strength. As with other birds with dark plumage, he is a mediator between the worlds. Especially the condor is considered a messenger of the gods. He transmits the messages of the spiritual world. As a wise messenger he announces fundamental changes and transformations. Transformation processes can occur. Areas of one’s life that need optimization are now addressed.

The power animal makes clear that for an improvement in life, a detachment from old habits and constellations will take place. The time is ripe to examine interpersonal ties and contracts of any kind. A process of solution is announced.

Positive Consideration

With the condor, changes are inevitably coming. Life takes a turn and transformations announce themselves. Life circumstances, no longer conducive, are subjected to further development. The power of the wings of the condor indicates that confidence can flow in the future processes.

Negative Consideration

Personal development is taking place because the current life situation is no longer serving. Something is being terminated or a separation is needed. The process of detachment does not always feel pleasant and easy. Often its necessity is recognized only in retrospect and is considered unpleasantly intense at the moment of happening.

Dream Interpretation Condor

In dream interpretation, the condor is a messenger and bearer of news. Changes are coming into the life of the dreamer. A transformation process and a phase of change announce themselves. Fate takes command so that personal growth can take place.

Positive Aspects

The time of stagnation or unproductivity is now over. The condor promises the dreamer fundamental changes in the course of his life in the coming weeks and months.

Negative Aspects

The upcoming changes may be accompanied by fear, loss and grief. A project or a connection will be terminated. The dreamer can hardly influence the upcoming decisions or events himself.