The wasp is visually similar to the bee and also the hornet at first sight to confuse. Nevertheless, it has a completely different meaning on this planet as well as on the energetic level.

The wasp symbolizes a strong rebellious force. The animal is a survivor and bristles with self-confidence. In our region, the wasp has become the subject of much unwanted attention in recent years, especially during the summer months. It is perceived as an uninvited guest that causes fear and bustle.

There are species of wasps that are under special protection. Killing such an animal can result in criminal penalties and the payment of heavy fines. As much as the insect reminds us of the very popular bee, there are hardly any people who are happy to see them.

Power Animal Wasp

The power animal wasp indicates a rebellious and maladjusted being. The insect is considered arrogant and condescending. Everyday life is characterized by hectic and stressful moments. The inner irritability is increased. The general mood is characterized by a strong emotional vibration. Uncontrolled behavior, egoistic behavior and the abuse of power or influence cause problems.

The sting of a wasp occurs only when the animal is in a dangerous situation. This indicates that there is an actual threat against which a defensive attitude becomes necessary.

Positive Consideration

As soon as the wasp appears, the time is ripe for rebellious behavior against entrenched structures. The inner cauldron is boiling over and wants to empty itself. Many negative energies have accumulated and want to be discharged.

To give the whole thing a productivity, the reasons for the inner anger or aggression should be questioned and eliminated. Nothing happens without a reason. So that it does not come so far in the future, it is to be paid attention in time to the developments, before it comes to an internal explosion.

Negative Consideration

The insect indicates suppressed feelings and emotions. There are outbursts of anger and behavior that is difficult to control. Hectic and rash behavior aggravate the current circumstances. Everyday stress is too great and must be minimized. Inner conflict leads to irritability and an explosive mood.

Thinking is no longer based on factual developments. Egoistic and arrogant behavior increase. Subordination to entrenched structures or to another person is no longer possible.

Dream Interpretation Wasp

If the wasp appears in a dream, the dreamer’s life is full of restlessness, hectic and stressful situations. One’s own behavior, consciously or unconsciously, is characterized by a latent as well as obvious aggression for the people from the immediate surroundings. This contributes to the fact that existing problems are often self-created.

Positive Aspects

A stinging wasp lets the dreamer know that he has all the resources to defend himself sufficiently in a dangerous or unpleasant situation. If there are developments where the person does not know if he has the strength to stop being subordinate, the insect lets him know that the inner defense mechanism will work properly.

Negative Aspects

Being stung by a wasp is an indication of revenge or aggressiveness from outside. In life, the dreamer is said to have self-centered behavior. This will not be tolerated by other people in the future. Therefore, resistance is to be expected if the dreamer has behaved badly towards others in the past.