The frogfish is also called anglerfish or feelerfish. It is an indication of withdrawal as well as isolation. It is also a sign of loneliness and lack of self-esteem.

The frogfish is a well-camouflaged marine inhabitant. It is considered to live at the bottom of waters in tropical and subtropical regions. Frogfishes are perch relatives and are considered to be sometimes clumsy creatures. The fish have no scales and are naked, which is especially evident in the anglerfish with its flattened body. Their bodies are covered with skin outgrowths that look like small antennae. Deep-sea anglerfish are considered particularly fascinating. They have a luminous “hook” triggered by bacteria just in front of their head. This is thought to attract prey.

Frogfishes can come in a variety of colors. Some species are white, green, red, yellow or black. In addition, there are species that are bright and colorful. Their appearance helps the sea creatures to camouflage. Their food spectrum includes shrimp and other fish, as well as conspecifics.

On the energetic level, the anglerfish, the anglerfish and the deep-sea anglerfish are interpreted in the same way.

Power Animal Frogfish

The power animal angler fish brings reflection on oneself. In the midst of the everyday hustle and bustle, one’s own interests should be pursued almost unnoticed by prying eyes. The personal and individual development stands at present in the Fordergrund. With the support of this power animal creative projects and activities can be pursued.

Positive Consideration

Through retreat and seclusion, one’s own needs can be recognized more clearly. The power of tranquility promotes personal awareness processes. The own beauty wants to be recognized and lived. The energy of this power animal promotes self-love and helps to stand by oneself.

Negative Consideration

In contact with like-minded people, hostility can arise despite all common ground. The pursuit of personal interests takes precedence over everything else and leads to community duties being neglected.

Dream Interpretation Frogfish

In a dream the angler fish reminds of the importance of one’s own person and individual goals. The dreamer feels that he does not belong to his fellow men in the current situation. He wants to be different, to distinguish himself from others and to stand out.

Positive Aspects

Staying true to oneself and knowing oneself brings inner stability. The courage for personal development grows. There is nothing more to do than to be authentic and not to pretend.

Negative Aspects

Isolation and withdrawal can lead to feelings of loneliness. Shared activities are rejected and friends or family members are met with suspicion. Conflicts or disruptions of togetherness may occur.