The frog is a shifter between worlds. He can quickly dispose of a situation and at the same time change the view of a circumstance.

The frog as a creature of the fairy tale world is able to change completely. No one is able to say what transformation potential he has. Within a few moments he changes his appearance under optimal conditions.

In nature, it manages to completely escape a situation with a few powerful leaps. Most of the time, the vertebrate, which belongs to the amphibians, remains undetected. Once unmasked, the frog can no longer be found in a few seconds. All of a sudden, he changes his movements and shows what strength is in him.

Difference Frog And Toad

Frogs have a shiny and sometimes colorful appearance. Toads, on the other hand, are more earth tones and have wrinkled skin with warts or bumps. The habitat of frogs is near bodies of water or lakes. Often they are found directly on a pond. Toads prefer dry regions and stay near the ground. The locomotion of both animals is also different. While frogs move fast and far from place to place with big jumps, toads crawl along the ground. They also do not have webbed feet like frogs, so swimming is naturally not as easy for them as it is for frogs. The overall appearance of a frog is slender with long thin legs. Toads are thicker and rounder.

Power Animal Frog

The power animal frog expands the view of everyday processes and challenges. With one leap, he can gain immense height and thus gain a completely different perspective. He is full of life energy and a master of camouflage. To the human eye, he is often late to recognize. The consciousness should be directed to the own power resources. These are stronger than believed.

The frog symbolizes fertility, financial wealth and shows the possibilities of development. Intuitively he moves through the landscape and decides from the situation for a way. We can learn this from him. Changing the point of view shows alternatives that offer solutions. As soon as the power animal appears, these are to be perceived.

Positive Consideration

It is time to break new ground. The quality of life is to be improved and thus new developments are needed. With the frog as a power animal, courage and success are given. The communication of a frog stands out in nature. Its sounds are special and stand out.

He invites to make new contacts and to enter into exchange with people who understand the person concerned. Like-minded people should be sought, so that in the strength of commonality a new tone is found.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the power animal illustrates that the evaluation of the current situation is too emotional. You literally croak your way through life. There is a lack of constructiveness and efficiency.

One’s own behavior is moody and unbalanced. As a result, one’s reputation with people in one’s immediate environment declines, since dealing with the affected person is exhausting. Too much we go into a victim role and are not able to make stable decisions. The frog does not find it easy to commit.

Dream Interpretation Frog

Once the frog appears in a dream, it indicates changes in the life of the dreamer. Life brings new developments and forces are mobilized.

Positive Aspects

A frog turning into a lover indicates a positive development in love matters. 

A leaping frog symbolizes successful business developments.
A croaking frog illustrates an improvement in one’s reputation.

Negative Aspects

A sick or dead frog is a sign of difficult emotional development. One’s emotions will be difficult to control and the infliction of one’s own harm is imminent. In addition, problems within social bonds are to be expected.

If the dreamer wakes up with an unpleasant feeling, he has a grudge or aversion against a person from the environment.