Honey Badger

The Honey Badger or Ratel is considered determined and courageous. His actions are fearless and considered quite aggressive.

Honey badgers live in Africa and Asia. The carnivores occur rather rarely, because they have a large territorial requirement and share this mainly for mating purposes with conspecifics or family members. Except for humans, honey badgers have no natural enemies. They live in self-made burrows and can only be observed during the day in cool weather. They get their name from their fondness for honey.

The nocturnal and crepuscular quadrupeds are considered aggressive and fearless. Ratels have been observed single-mindedly attacking the private parts of their opponents. Therefore, the martens are considered brave and their appearance has already made it into the Guinness Book of Records. There they are listed several times as the “most fearless creature in the world”.

Power Animal Honey Badger

The power animal honey badger brings the fearless and courageous appearance. Obstacles or competitors are conquered. One’s own interests have priority and are enforced. Self-confidence is strong and determination is great. Decisions are made with full conviction. With the support of the power animal, great developmental steps can succeed.

Positive Consideration

Especially insecure people will appear self-confident with the help of the power animal and pursue their interests. They know what they want and go after the fulfillment of their wishes. There is hardly any doubt and decisions can be made with a strong self-confidence.

Negative Consideration

The way in which one’s own interests are pursued are considered to be ruthless, excessive and partly selfish. The power animal refuses any possibility of compromise or diplomatic solution. Emotional injuries are possible, as the feelings of others do not seem to matter.

Dream Interpretation Honey Badger

If the honey badger moves through a dream, projects and ideas can be realized. Especially in the professional context, a task succeeds or a new job can be snatched. Competitors or envious people are left behind, because the dreamer can successfully assert himself against them.

Positive Aspects

The courage and inner determination to realize existing ideas increases. Regardless of whether it is about the implementation of a task or the dreamer wants to free himself from an unpleasant situation, he will succeed.

Negative Aspects

The approach to implementing one’s own interests will not produce friends. One’s own behavior should be reviewed, as it may be inconsiderate and cross social boundaries. A little more solution-oriented behavior with the search for a compromise can prevent future difficulties in the togetherness.