On the energetic level, the hippopotamus or hippo is a sign of strength and fertility. In addition, the cleaning is associated with the quadruped.

Hippos are herbivores and live in central and southern Africa. The four-legged animals spend most of the day in the water. The animals live in groups or as loners. Hippos belong to the hippopotamuses and are also called hippopotamus.

The cloven-hoofed animals are in a sleeping or resting position for much of their entire lives. Their barrel-shaped body helps them to be carried by the water. The hippo’s natural predators include lions, hyenas, crocodiles or leopards. In defense of their young, hippos can become aggressive.

Power Animal Hippo

The power animal hippo represents fertility and purification. The enormous time the animal spends in the water, it uses for the cleansing of the body and the reproductive process. The connection to the emotional level is intensified and purified. This creates a new attitude towards life.

Positive Consideration

The wounds of the hippo heal very quickly in the normal skin. This has the consequence that the self-healing powers are activated by the power animal. In addition, a positive development can be expected when projects are to take shape or there is a desire to have children.

Negative Consideration

The hippo shows an aggressive and mischievous demeanor when it feels cornered. Egoism and the pursuit of own goals are therefore also addressed with the power animal. The pachyderm also has a clumsiness that can be hurtful to others.

Dream Interpretation Hippo

In dream interpretation, the hippopotamus symbolizes inner strength. Usually this is significantly less than it appears outwardly. The dreamer appears to others assertive, powerful and convincing. Inside, however, there is a lack of self-confidence.

Positive Aspects

Hidden abilities slumber in the dreamer. It is necessary to learn to have more confidence in oneself and to take a chance. The existing forces will be sufficient to cope with the challenges ahead.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer looks more imposing and dangerous to other people than he is. The misunderstandings will have a hindering effect on interpersonal ties. The body language should be adapted to the inner experience so that no conflicts arise.