The marten is skillful, agile and a climber. With him success returns, as he brings positive news and developments on the energetic level. Peace returns and the past is closed.

The fur of the marten is brown or black. The marten family includes badgers and otters. The comparatively small predator is at home almost everywhere on our planet. As a loner, the day and night active quadruped is on the move a lot. It lives in caves, stays in trees and is an excellent swimmer. The sense of hearing and smell of the animals is very distinctive. This allows them to quickly notice strangers in their territory and react to the intruders. The offspring is born blind. Within a short time the little ones grow up, so that they are already independent after two months.

The carnivores feed on small mammals, fish, insects or birds. Among their natural enemies hawks or foxes.

Although there are some differences in the way of life, on the energetic level martens and ferrets are interpreted in the same way.

Power Animal Marten

The power animal marten promotes dexterity, agility and flexibility. He moves quickly and safely on a variety of surfaces. Whether in the water or on trees, he always reaches his goal. There are no obstacles that he can not conquer. As soon as the marten appears, quite creative solutions are found. In addition, the past is left behind. The focus is on the present as well as the achievement of future goals. With a positive attitude, the nimble four-legged friend shows in a flash how these can be achieved.

Positive Consideration

No challenge is too difficult or too big for the power animal. Even as a small predator, thanks to the concentration on his abilities, he shows how problems can be solved. The animal is not very picky. It is up to him to find the best solution with the given possibilities.

Negative Consideration

The marten often uses the dwellings of its prey as its home. He therefore takes things that do not belong to him. This may indicate energy robbery and potential boundary violations. Jealousy, envy, resentment and self-suffering behavior patterns are also associated with the power animal marten.

Drean Interpretation Marten

If the marten appears in a dream, changes are to be expected. It is necessary to look closely at how the animal behaves in order to estimate the direction of the changes. The predator knows how to defend itself and will either act in the sense of the dreamer or oppose him. The general mood of the dream is crucial in dream interpretation.

Positive Aspects

If the marten fights his way free in the dream, the dreamer can expect a positive development in everyday life. He will be able to hold his own against competitors and be successful.

Negative Aspects

A dead or aggressive animal is an indication of loss. The dreamer is cornered by another person in everyday life and will lose out. In professional matters, comrades-in-arms may successfully prevail against the dreamer.