The jellyfish is a sign of a coming metamorphosis. It announces that an expected help and support will fail to materialize despite an agreement.

Jellyfish are also called Medusa. The sea creatures can grow up to 4 m in size. Their weight ranges from 10 g to 150 kg, depending on the species. Some animals can live up to 10,00 years. They are found worldwide in all oceans and seas. Many species are transparent and have colored components. They develop from a polyp into a jellyfish.

These nocturnal aquatic animals feed on algae, fish and crustaceans. Their natural enemies include dolphins, fish and turtles. Jellyfish are predators, so at times they completely drive away other fish in their environment. In addition, there are also species that in turn eat other jellyfish.

Power Animal Jellyfish

The power animal jellyfish stands for metamorphosis. A complete transformation of himself takes place. External as well as internal processes of development are indicated. The time is ripe to bring about changes and to look at the world from a new perspective. One’s own adaptability should be critically questioned. Possibly it has suppressed the assertiveness too much in the last time.

Positive Consideration

They stimulates a transformation. Attitudes, ideologies and approaches are to be examined and optimized. The soul wants a realignment and promotes all undertakings that contribute to an improvement of well-being.

Negative Consideration

Too little attention has been paid to feelings in the past. Needs have been suppressed too much, resulting in unhappiness. It is advisable to pay more attention to the joy and fulfillment of life. Necessary decisions must be made accordingly.

Dream Interpretation Jellyfish

In dream interpretation, the jellyfish is a sign that agreements are not kept. Plans and agreements are not kept. Promised support fails to materialize and triggers disappointment.

Positive Aspects

Disappointment and hurt will eventually lead to change. Through the experience, the dreamer will be ready in the future to take other paths and be less gullible.

Negative Aspects

The assertiveness is weakened and the drive is reduced. The dreamer is made aware by the jellyfish that he is hurt emotionally. The reason for this is a necessary change in his life, which he will only implement through an experienced disappointment.