The turtle has a great experience of life. With prudence, calmness and inner balance, she comes into our lives. It symbolizes the current emotional state.

The turtle is a wise creature, which is very popular as a domestic and wild animal. It has a long life expectancy and always carries its protective and retreating shell. Turtles live on land and in water. They belong to the oldest living creatures of this planet. These four-legged creatures have no teeth. The ingested food is crushed by the jaws. With these, the reptiles can also snap hard.

The sense of smell and the sense of sight of a turtle are strongly developed. This allows the turtles to detect danger early and hide in their shells. Most species are pure herbivores. The mother turtles leave the nest after laying the eggs and do not care about rearing or protecting the offspring. You have to be afraid for crocodiles or sharks.

Power Animal Turtle

The power animal turtle teaches patience, constancy and radiates calm. It brings a peaceful atmosphere and makes it clear that some developments need their time. One’s life should be decelerated so that relaxation and an improvement in well-being can occur. Further development takes place in connection with grounding and in a natural process of growth. Haste and hectic are banished. Rather, meditation or other harmonizing techniques are to be applied.

The shell of the turtle offers protection. At the same time it symbolizes domesticity, indestructibility and security. As soon as the reptile appears we can take a deep breath and trust the cycle of life.

Positive Consideration

The power animal wants to express that in the calmness the further developments are to be found. The vitality and vitality increase when hectic and stress are banished. In the current phase of life, the inner balance and introspection are indicated. Answers and explanations can be found when the schedule is reduced to a minimum and inner stressors are eliminated.

Good things take time or there is strength in rest. With these phrases the energy of the turtle can be well described.

Negative Consideration

With the turtle, a time of slow development to boredom is dawning. Nothing will move quickly or bring short-term changes. Ideas or impulses can only be put into action step by step. A quick solution is not to be expected.

New beginnings or young ideas do not receive sufficient protection. To prevent them from failing, more attention is needed.

Dream Interpretation Turtle

If the turtle appears in a dream, the dreamer should remember his inner strength. To renew their own reserves need a retreat and patience. Those who make hasty decisions may lose out.

Positive Aspects

Under the thick shell of the turtle are hidden numerous emotions and a sensitive figure. Therefore, the dreamer is dealing with people whose core is much softer and more sympathetic than previously thought. In addition, perseverance in the pursuit of one’s own ideas should be demonstrated, so that success can be seen.

If the turtle suns itself, it promises success and stability.

Negative Aspects

Seeing a turtle may indicate existing insecurities and lack of confidence.

An empty nest with turtle eggs indicates imminent danger. In the dreamer’s life, his desires or ideas should be better supervised so that they are not destroyed by others.
If the turtle moves very slowly, projects and developments need more time than originally thought. Careful decisions should be made, otherwise they may fail.