The kingfisher brings the patience and serenity. He teaches on the energetic level that it is through this action that powerful action is created.

The kingfisher is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa. It lives on gently flowing waters as it feeds on fish and small crustaceans. The colorful bird can also be found on stagnant waters that have a fish population and whose water is clear.

The good hunter patiently observes its surroundings in order to catch its prey at the right moment. The birds live in self-created burrows and are often found in bigamous compounds. The male guards the burrow and two females take care of the male and offspring as well as their protection.

Power Animal Kingfisher

The power animal kingfisher illustrates a necessary patience in the current projects. At the same time, it shows the need for action. The time of waiting is over. Decisions should now be made with a sense of inner serenity. Nevertheless, it does not mean that developments will pick up speed in the coming period. It is simply a matter of becoming active and allowing the fruits of the impulses set to develop.

Positive Consideration

Self-protection is symbolized by the kingfisher. Unpleasant feelings or hurtful words of others should bounce off. In the coming days and weeks, doors may suddenly open and surprises may occur.

Negative Consideration

The power animal reminds us not to be deceived by appearances. Not everything is always as it seems. Traditional values bring security, but at the same time can be misleading and cause prejudice and stigmatization.

Dream Interpretation Kingfisher

In dream interpretation, the kingfisher asks to accept life and oneself more as it is. An inner peace and respect towards oneself helps to cope with current tasks.

Positive Aspects

One’s own longings are embodied by the kingfisher in the dream. These should be consciously perceived. It helps to fulfill desires and to pursue one’s own needs.

Negative Aspects

The search for attention brings superficiality and makes one vulnerable. To adorn oneself with other people’s feathers or to strive for something that does not come from within leads to confusion.