The lizard can camouflage well to remain undetected from enemies. It often overcomes gravity thanks to its climbing skills and is considered a sign of regeneration.

Lizards belong to the reptiles. In our latitudes they are rarely found in the wild. The animals like warm areas and therefore stay in southern European countries, in Africa, Australia or Asia. In colder regions they hibernate. The omnivores feed on fruits, seeds and small animals that do not have vertebrae in their bodies. Lizards are found near the ground, on walls or in rock crevices. Stony regions or gravel pits are especially suitable for them. The animals have freely movable eyelids. Therefore, they can optically grasp the environment on both sides without having to move. If lizards get into a dangerous situation, they can throw off their tail. This has the ability to grow back. The lizards’ enemies include snakes and birds. Especially birds of prey such as the hawk and the vulture or chickens like the reptiles on their menu.

Power Animal Lizard

The power animal lizard symbolizes renewal. The animal has the ability to shed a body part in an emergency situation and regrow it later. On the energetic level, the reptile therefore wants us to know that losses were incurred in the past. These can now be rebuilt. It was only a temporary situation that took its toll. Permanent damage has not been done. Adaptation, retreat and camouflage help to avoid being overwhelmed by current developments. It is important to take responsibility for one’s own life and to find solutions with the available options.

Positive Consideration

The wise soul guide brings regeneration and thus healing. The current situation will change in a positive direction. The power of the sun and sufficient protection from adversaries bring the chance to develop new dreams and desires. The renewal has already begun. Just as the lizard overcomes the laws of gravity by climbing ceilings and walls, existing challenges are now mastered as a matter of course.

Negative Consideration

The lizard’s darker side includes seclusion, shyness about contact with others, and thus a life of retreat. Many situations are sat out in secret. Conflicts that would bring added value are not clarified openly and honestly. There is a threat of a state in which thoughts and actions revolve exclusively around oneself. The openness for others, the affirmation of life and innovations are lost.

Dream Interpretation Lizard

If the lizard appears in a dream, renewal is to be expected. The reptile can shed its skin and thus the dreamer will gain new strength. Seeing a lizard indicates a turnaround.

Positive Aspects

The lizard brings luck, success and healing. Premonitions should be examined more closely so that the next situations can be mastered with an advantage. In the visions are important clues that should be used.

Negative Aspects

Those who avoid taking a closer look at their own unconscious energies will feel strangers in their own house in the coming time. The contact with dear people will be less, because the dreamer will offend others with his behavior.