The manatee establishes the connection to our emotions and emotional life. It stands for the inner retreat and the contact to one’s own self.

The manatee has a cylindrical body structure and is not related to the seal. Manatees differ from sea creatures and predators in that they are solitary animals and have no limbs to move around on land. Although they reside only in waters, manatees’ closest relatives include elephants.

The day-and-night active animals have hardly any social ties. In the first two years of life, mother and child live together. During this time they communicate with so-called duets. The herbivores move slowly swimming or drifting in the water until after a few minutes they appear at the water surface to gasp for air.

Power Animal Manatee

The power animal manatee brings reflection on oneself. The own experience and the inner processes are to be reflected. Unnecessary burdens, stress and hecticness are to be reduced or to be lowered to a minimum. Through a retreat and the examination of one’s own feelings, calmness returns and new forces can be mobilized.

Positive Consideration

The power animal lets us know that we carry all the answers within us. New things can emerge when we focus on our own abilities and goals. A transformation becomes possible as soon as disturbing factors are faded out. Future developments need time to fully unfold.

Negative Consideration

The manatee refuses any help and support. Even close people are kept at an emotional distance as soon as they can take care of themselves. This can lead to restlessness in interpersonal relationships or to social isolation. Possibly the time of withdrawal has already been too long and the distance to the environment has become too great.

Dream Interpretation Manatee

If the manatee appears in a dream, a time of reflection begins. It is necessary to clarify whether one’s own emotions have already been hidden from others for too long or whether the everyday hustle and bustle is so intense that a time-out is in order.

Positive Aspects

Excitement and storm will pass. Well advised is everyone who now keeps calm during turmoil and concentrates on his own values. With the manatee comes confidence in one’s own attitude.

Negative Aspects

With strong passivity, good opportunities pass the dreamer by. He remains alone and must deal with the fact that his environment has distanced itself. A hoped-for support fails to materialize and one’s own activities are currently not sufficient to achieve an intended goal. The dreamer can accept this or has to rethink.