The magpie is said to have a prophetic gift. It represents theft, has a penchant for glitter and indicates the areas that need clarification, because confusion has occurred.

The magpie is a songbird and is assigned to the family of corvids. The bird is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa. In the lowlands and mountains, the magpie is equally found. Water bodies, forests, hedgerows and bushes are among its favorite haunts. Their preference for shiny objects means that the magpie likes to steal them wherever they cross their path.

Omnivores feed mainly on plants and insects. They find their food on the ground or pick berries directly from bushes. Lizards, spiders, snails or carrion are part of their diet. In addition, the birds peck parasites from sheep or cows. Their predators include the hawk and the raven, as well as crows.

Power Animal Magpie

The power animal magpie sets new highlights in life. The black and white feathered animal brings the opposites to each other. Similar to the energies of Yin and Yang are lived as a harmonious coexistence, the power animal pursues the goal of unity. Processes from the unconscious are transported into the conscious, so that a clarification can take place.

Positive Consideration

The power animal is considered a symbol of luck in Asia. It announces positive news and news. The bird is to be understood there as a protection bringer, because through him not least the dark sides are revealed early, before it comes to serious problems.

Negative Consideration

In the Middle Ages, the magpie was considered a witch beast. The image of fear still clings to her. However, it should rather be noted that the bird focuses on everything that shines. This is not always good or sustainable. Often an appearance is deceptive.

Dream Interpretation Magpie

In dream interpretation magpie draws attention to current confusions. Fluttershy, insecurity and gossip threaten. Insults are also not to be excluded. Nevertheless, in this phase everything is to be judged as superficial. Whether lasting disturbances are to be expected, can be influenced in the everyday life itself.

Positive Aspects

The magpie initially tends to think in black and white. There seems to be no middle ground or compromise. On closer inspection, however, this turns out to be wrong. The solution lies in the connection of both sides.

Negative Aspects

More attention should be paid to the material as well as spiritual property. If the magpie flies away with an object in a dream, it warns of a pending theft.