The Numbat is a self-confident loner who does not allow himself to be taken out of his observations and pace.

A numbat is also known as an anteater and is one of the marsupials native to Australia. In contrast to the kangaroos or koalas, the quadruped is exclusively diurnal. This is justified by the fact that its only food, are also only active during the day. The ant booty eater feeds exclusively on termites.

The insect lover is a loner and can often be observed in nature. When there is no danger, the animal moves rather slowly and takes many breaks. It likes to stand on its hind legs and scout its surroundings in peace. The mammal has been pushed back in its habitat mainly by the red fox and is basically only found in the western part of Australia.

Power Animal Numbat

The power animal Numbat stands for self-assertion and individual realization. He promotes the unusual skills and creativity. The processes of one’s own life are closely scrutinized in order to be able to make good decisions afterwards.

Positive Consideration

Showing yourself to the world will bring encouragement and recognition. A cautious approach protects against conflict situations and enables thoughtful action. All decisions are well thought out and based on a solid foundation.

Negative Consideration

Existing skills that remain unused over a longer period of time are lost. The power animal Numbat warns against staying too much in the comfort zone, because on this way existing knowledge or already learned skills are forgotten.

Dream Interpretation Numbat

In dream interpretation, the Numbat indicates that partnership or even family situations want to be avoided. It is about self-realization and finding your own way in life. The influence of third parties on the coming steps is undesirable.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer knows what he wants and will continue to follow his path safely. There are neither doubts nor signs that a desired goal could not be reached by own strength. Plans can be implemented calmly and prudently.

Negative Aspects

At the moment the dreamer is completely on his own. This leads to the fact that he must prove his own ability. He cannot hope for the support of others, but must learn to assert himself. This may be difficult at first, but will end successfully.