The nuthatch skillfully climbs up the trees and headfirst down as well. The songbird is conspicuous by its orange belly and blue-gray upper side.

The sparrow bird got its name because it glues itself in front of the entrances to the nesting cavities of other birds. The aim is to be able to use them itself and thus not have to do the work of a woodpecker, for example. The good climber is a songbird and belongs to the nuthatch genus. Visually, the males and females differ only by a stronger or slimmer physique. The cavity-nesting bird, which lives in North America, Europe and Asia, remains true to its native country and can be found in deciduous and mixed forests, parks, avenues, large gardens or orchards. The bipeds feed mainly on insects in warmer seasons and nuts and seeds in colder months.

Power Animal Nuthatch

The power animal nuthatch brings loyalty, closeness to home and constancy. There are no classic gender roles or inequalities, as it is about exploring inner values, abilities and talents. Prejudices or labels are thus avoided. Safe choices and protection are important attributes to build and maintain. Tasks and activities can be handled equally by all, as no one receives preferential treatment.

Positive Consideration

The bird, visually reminiscent of tits, brings vitality and movement as a power animal. If the world is regularly viewed upside down, a change of perspective occurs, which makes progress and rethinking possible. This power animal asks to face the present situation and to look at the current processes with a new view. In doing so, outward appearances can be disregarded. Much more interesting are the inner motivation, different approaches and possible solutions. All with the goal of one’s own security.

Negative Consideration

The power animal warns against appropriating the achievement of others. Whether justified or not, the lack of one’s own willingness or power to perform is no justification for thoughtlessly taking over what others have created through clever tactics. There is a lack of compensation when another’s achievement is used for one’s own benefit. This builds up karma and ultimately a situation arises in which one oneself is left out in the cold and feels unjustly treated.

Dream Interpretation Nuthatch

If the nuthatch flies or climbs into a dream, joie de vivre and exhilaration come into one’s own life. New things are tried out and usual approaches are changed. This brings momentum into one’s own life without having to change much.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer can be sure that in a competitive situation no one will be favored and personal values will be considered fairly. Everyone gets the same chance.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer should expect that his idea will be taken over by another person or he himself will get into a situation where he will take over someone else’s impulses or performance without being asked. The latter is not advisable, because it will come out.