The otter is an animal that can be found in the water and on land. This creature is very active and often romps around.

The otter, together with the badger, belongs to the family of martens. is associated on the energetic level with originality and joie de vivre. He likes variety. Whether on land, in lakes, marshes, ponds or rivers, this positively bustling creature likes variety. Even in a murky aquatic environment, every touch resonates with him through his thick fur.

Otters are very caring and look out for their family. They play with each other, romp around in the water and love to be together. Hardly any other living creature performs a daily roll forward – like the otter. He leaves the impression that every life is funny. Moreover, it seems to be most pleasant in a community.

Power Animal Otter

The power animal otter brings joie de vivre and originality. As soon as it appears, one’s life should be playful. The current developments can be taken more easily. Therefore, it is necessary to change the inner attitude towards them.

One’s own courage and joy are encouraged. Different options in one’s own life are to be tried and tested. Sometimes the solution is easier to find than expected. The power of community can be helpful. The better the affirmation of life is increased, the more optimal the coming time will be.

Positive Consideration

The otter is a teacher for us. He shows us how to communicate our feelings to the outside world. The connection between the inner and outer processes is established through him. Confidence and security increase through the power animal.

The power animal knows the way to subconscious processes. Through him they are uncovered and experience clarification. Through an original approach and the choice of unconventional methods, goals are achieved.

Negative Consideration

Due to its flexibility, the otter often appears unpredictable. One’s own behavior must be examined in this regard. He is also eccentric and his next steps are difficult for others to assess.

He spends his time with amusement and takes many things lightly. This attitude leads to the fact that important things are overlooked or he is not taken seriously by the environment.

Dream Interpretation Otter

If the otter appears in a dream, new developments are in store. A breath of fresh air comes into the life of the dreamer. Within the family situation there will be news in the coming time. Likewise, changes are coming in the domestic or professional life.

An otter playing augurs good luck.
A diving otter brings access to unconscious processes.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer can make his life just like the otter from the resources of the environment. The gift for creative actions and one’s own inventiveness will unfold.

If the animal appears with a dreamer who is in a firm commitment, he indicates an upcoming wedding and happy marriage time.  

Negative Aspects

An otter that does not embody joy of life warns of an unpleasant situation and hurt feelings. Decisions should be examined and not made hastily.

Superficiality or too much looseness will lead to an unfortunate turn. Important things should not be simply dismissed. Distractions that last too long will bring disadvantages to the dreamer.