Like no other animal, the owl is a symbol of wisdom on the energetic level. It brings the visions and transmits messages that can be helpful in everyday life.

The owl as such does not exist in biology. The eagle owl and owls are, like many other bird species, a subspecies of owls. For simplicity, all animals of the order owl are summarized here.

The bird has good adaptability and is native to Europe, Asia, Africa and America. It can integrate well with its living environment and the changes that take place. They can be found in forests, steppes, moorlands, treeless deserts as well as in regions with steep seashores. Even in populated residential areas some species of the bird can be found. Among the largest representatives of the owls is the eagle owl.

When the landscape is varied, it improves the prey supply for the owls. The hunters see it as an opportunity to enjoy a varied food supply and therefore care less about the dwellings. In this they show good flexibility. The eyes and ears are very well developed in the nocturnal creatures. Thus, they can successfully perceive and hunt mice, insects, bats, small birds or chickens well. If the food spectrum is narrowed, even carrion is enough for them to satisfy their hunger.

Power Animal Owl

The power animal owl or eagle owl brings people the connection and development for wise decisions. One’s gut feeling and intuition are sharpened by them. Self-reflection is important to grow and to be able to cope with the challenges wisely. Those who manage to look at themselves and their shadow sides objectively can work with these weak points and develop them into strengths. Self-development begins and leads to a pleasant adaptability of the current life circumstances that cannot be changed.

Positive Consideration

The owl connects those seeking advice with the power of their own soul strength. The veil gradually lifts and brings new insights. The energy of darkness is used to expand one’s own resources. One’s own environment is spied out in detail in order to be able to react to activities in the best possible way. The existing circumstances are therefore no longer interpreted as a burden but transformed into an advantage.

Negative Consideration

The superiority of the owl can develop into an unpleasant arrogance. Critics point to arrogance and know-it-all attitude. Who carries its realizations unasked into the world, must count on being called a busybody.

If the courage to self-criticism is missing, the own shadow sides are not seen. This prevents necessary further development and can end in secrecy.

Dream Interpretation Owl

If the owl or eagle owl appears in a dream, it brings messages to the dreamer. These come from one’s own unconscious and should be considered carefully. They can be warning signals, important messages or assistance in overcoming current challenges.

Positive Aspects

The messages are usually clear and easy to understand. The owl always appears at the right time and supports an already existing gut feeling. It is worth following one’s intuition, although worldly developments show a different direction, at least for the time being.

Negative Aspects

In the case of disorders of sexual life, the owl may indicate anxiety. The present circumstances indicate whether it is a forewarning or past experiences should be clarified.