The orca is a powerful sea creature that has few enemies. Community thinking and the interests of all are symbolized by the mammal. Unconscious emotions he brings to the surface.

The orca or killer whale belongs to the order of whales and the dolphin family. The predator has hardly any natural enemies. The black and white giants kill their prey by hunting in well-ordered groups for other fish, sea birds, penguins or sea turtles. The social behavior of these sea dwellers is highly developed and their communication is considered unique. Orcas live in all the world’s oceans. They are playful and perform aerial jumps to pass the time.

Power Animal Orca

The power animal Orca reminds of the power of the community. In a team and well structured projects will be successful and goals will be achieved. With consideration for others, empathy and a well thought-out plan, the solution of all tasks of life succeeds. In addition, through a harmonious togetherness, the joy of life is promoted and the well-being increases.

Positive Consideration

The Orca lets us know on the energetic level that we can rely on our social contacts. Communication is intensified and through the cues of others we will experience unconscious emotions coming to the surface. Healing is waiting there so that moving forward is possible.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the power animal includes the lack of individual development. Although no one is left behind or abandoned among the orcas, neither can anyone pursue his or her own goals without the other. The interest of the community is above the needs of the individual.

Dream Interpretation Orca

In dream interpretation, the orca brings the joint success. Through a good agreement and excellent cooperation set goals will be achieved. Other teams lose out, because the dreamer has an environment that will be more powerful.

Positive Aspects

Adversaries, enviers and competitors can be defeated. Especially in the professional field, there will be a sense of achievement, which will bring benefits to all. Also in the social sector, the reputation of the dreamer increases as a result.

Negative Aspects

One’s own thoughts, wishes or ideas must be subordinated to those of the whole. Sudden decisions and going it alone will bring conflicts.