The partridge represents minimalism, difficulty in adaptation and simplicity. The tasks to be accomplished should be approached with more mindfulness.

The partridge belongs to the order of chicken birds and the family of pheasants. The birds live mainly on the ground and fly only at slight heights. The partridge is hardly bigger than a pigeon and can be found in steppe or heath landscapes. The endangered animal, similar to ducks, has completely different plumage depending on sex.

The bipeds breed on the ground and have numerous predators. Besides foxes, martens, rats or wild boars, they are also hunted by hawks, owls or corvids. Partridges stride through the landscape and can run very fast. In case of stress and conflicts with conspecifics, they engage in fierce fights. The food spectrum includes everything that can be found on the ground, such as plants, seeds, insects and worms.

Power Animal Partidge

The power animal partridge shows in which areas difficulties of adaptation occur. The changes due to the change of time have been sufficiently internalized. New circumstances are accepted only with difficulty. Conflicts and arguments with the people of the closer environment threaten. Up to now, the old habits have successfully prevailed. Now the time has come to make optimizations so that life becomes easier again.

Positive Consideration

The power animal teaches to do well with little. One’s own talents and skills may no longer be up to the task. Nevertheless, they are enough to achieve the goals once set. Old habits are more important than new developments. They provide support and stability.

Negative Consideration

With this power animal it becomes clear that there will be no progress. Although previous processes were functional, there is a lack of openness to new things and flexibility. Alternative solutions are not sought and this narrows one’s own spectrum of action.

Dream Interpretation Partidge

In dream interpretation, the partridge is an indication of limited possibilities for action. The dreamer is either in a situation where he has little room for maneuver or is himself not sufficiently flexible in his thinking and acting. Nevertheless, he can move safely in his environment and will solve his tasks.

Positive Aspects

The inner strength is sufficient and stable despite all circumstances. Self-confidence is strengthened and one’s own conviction is great enough to successfully master upcoming challenges.

Negative Aspects

In a competitive situation, it becomes difficult for the dreamer to prevail. More innovation and new ideas are needed because competitors have already evolved and thus have an advantage.