The peacock brings elegance, glory, pomp and splendor. It indicates the potential for transformation and is a sign of the possibilities of inner growth.

Peacocks live mainly in Asia and have their place of origin in India. They are herbivores that live in a family unit. Their magnificent plumage can only be admired in the males. The heaviness of the feathers means that the males in particular are almost incapable of flight. They therefore use their wings mostly for defense or to cover short distances. Peacocks belong to the order of chicken birds.

They are active during the day and at dusk and spend most of their time in the wild in wooded areas. They are trusting, not very shy and mostly stay in one location. The peacock is polygamous and mates with several hens during the breeding season. Their natural enemies include tigers and leopards. The wheel is set up when enemies are to be driven away.

Power Animal Peacock

The power animal peacock brings pomp and splendor. Iridescent and full of glory, the male animal presents itself. This enhances charm and one’s own appearance. One’s own energy spreads out and comes to the fore more strongly. The beauty of life comes to light and impresses the people in the immediate vicinity.

Positive Consideration

The inner growth will be promoted. One’s own abilities and inner light will shine. The power animal embodies the all-seeing eye of God. Failed feathers grow back, so that on the energetic level the consciousness for renewal is represented by the peacock.

Negative Consideration

The shadow sides of the power animal peacock include arrogance, vanity and false pride. The presentation of the self is taken more important than the needs of all. Egoism and envy are lived. There is a lack of consideration or a communal exchange, because the full attention is directed only to one person.

Dream Interpretation Peacock

In dream interpretation, the peacock is a sign of grace and beauty. The development from an inconspicuous being to a magnificent existence is embodied by the animal. Those who were not noticed by their peers yesterday will get the opportunity to be in the spotlight in the near future.

Positive Aspects

If the peacock struts into a dream, he brings resurrection and rebirth. With him recognition and admiration are possible. With a charm offensive can be distracted from mistakes and grievances.

Negative Aspects

The peacock in dream interpretation can be an indication of vanity. The dreamer himself or a person close to him pushes himself to the fore.