Polar bear

The polar bear warns against an emotional coldness towards oneself and others. Disappointment or rejection of another person may occur.

The polar bear is a predator that belongs to the bear family. It is native to the northern hemisphere in the polar region. The neck is longer than in other bear species. In addition, the polar bear’s sense of smell is better than that of most predators.

The quadrupeds mainly stay in the coastal region of Antarctica. There they hunt for seals or other marine as well as polar inhabitants. The diurnal loners are hikers and good swimmers. They are at the top of the food chain, as they have no natural enemies.

Power Animal Polar Bear

The power animal polar bear warns against emotional coldness towards all living beings. Also in contact with oneself, the power animal can indicate too little inner connection with one’s own emotions. The quadruped reminds us of the courage, strength and endurance that we carry within us and wants to bring them to life. Even under difficult conditions we keep a cool head with him at our side.

Positive Consideration

The loner can rely completely on his competences. Especially in leadership positions or in an emergency situation he shows the way on the energetic level. He knows his territory, is aware of his abilities and manages to survive even in barren, dreary as well as cold regions.

Negative Consideration

The power animal is accused of lack of empathy, loneliness and compassion. A selfish approach will lead to complications in everyday life. Those who think only of themselves will be left behind and will receive neither affection nor sympathy.

Dream Interpretation Polar Bear

If the polar bear appears in a dream, it is interpreted as a warning. A close person shows an emotional coldness, so disappointment and grief threaten.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer can rely entirely on his intrinsic abilities. Without any help he reaches his goal. Concentrated, deliberate and with a portion of perseverance, he achieves all the tasks he sets out to do.

Negative Aspects

Isolation and loneliness determine everyday life. At present, the attention of others or emotional support cannot be counted on.