Pot-Bellied Pig

The pot-bellied pig brings luck and success, but also warns against spurious or artificial developments, as not all decisions are made consciously.

The pot-bellied pig is an animal bred by humans. The mixture between a pig and a wild boar comes from Southeast Asia and belongs to the mini pigs. Deliberately bred is the hanging belly of the quadruped, which sometimes drags to the ground. Also deliberately bred are the wrinkled face and short legs of the omnivore. The cloven-hoofed animals are usually solid in color and have a grayish-black or grayish-black mottled appearance.

The animals live exclusively in human care, as breeding in the wild would have little chance of survival. There are clear hierarchies within a group, with the oldest female being the leader. Pot-bellied pigs can see poorly, but smell very well.

Power Animals Pot-Bellied Pig

The power animal pot-bellied pig brings luck and promotes promising prospects. This power animal is about vision and reflection. The luck of one, can mean something completely different for the other. Wise decisions bring the longed-for triumph. Naivety could lead to the opposite. The consequences of one’s own actions are inevitably taken with this power animal.

Positive Consideration

A good sense for a suitable opportunity or the right path can drive current developments. A weighing process takes place, which nevertheless promises a good bottom line. Those who grasp developments with their heart and less with their mind will be able to reap the most laurels.

Negative Consideration

If you force something, you have to reckon with unwanted side effects. Unconscious emotions could be transported to the surface or trust in other people suffers a setback. Before making decisions, it should be carefully examined what the goal is and what disadvantages could or will result from achieving this goal.

Dream Interpretation Pot-Bellied Pig

Dreaming of a pot-bellied pig promises pleasant news in a situation. The goal seems within reach. At the same time, it brings to life feelings that have been dormant for a long time.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer can rely entirely on his instinct. Although reality seems to be different at the moment, he will soon experience that his inner voice is right.

Negative Aspects

At first glance, the pot-bellied pig gives the dreamer a lucky coincidence. However, he should look closely, because there is also a flip side of the coin, which will be just as significant for him.