Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is a protected species. On the energetic level, it is a symbol of the feelings and the developments of the emotions.

The praying mantis belongs to the order of mantis and is an insect. Nevertheless, the flightless animal has wings. Especially the males use them during the startle reaction. The triangular and very mobile head of the animal is considered special. The front legs are catching legs and the hind legs are used for locomotion. The animals live mainly in warmer European regions. They can be found in hedgerows as well as forest and meadow areas.

The food spectrum includes mainly larvae, locust and crickets. Mantises reproduce only once a year. The 200-300 eggs produced overwinter in hiding places, while the adults die before the onset of winter.

Praying mantises are among the creatures that practice a form of cannibalism. The males engage in an extensive courtship dance. It is estimated that in about 30% of the cases they are eaten by the females during or shortly after the sexual act. This sex cannibalism increases the likelihood of species survival, as it gives the female enough weight to produce more eggs.

Power Animal Praying Mantis

The power animal praying mantis invites you to go into silence. An introspection can help to focus on the really important areas of life. In addition, personal development is promoted by an inner reflection. Strengths are mobilized and the inner strength increases.

Positive Consideration

Through meditation and in the silence new insights are gained. Feelings sort themselves out and self-confidence increases. The inner compass experiences a realignment. All answers lie within. The next steps can be taken powerfully and with a high level of conviction.

Negative Consideration

There are few confidants in the current phase of life. Even people who are particularly close are not available. One’s own finiteness becomes conscious and contributes to the fact that primarily short-term goals are targeted.

Dream Interpretation Praying Mantis

In dream interpretation, the praying mantis is an indication of disordered states of mind. The emotional life is subject to strong fluctuations. The own behavior and the inner motivation in dealing with others should be questioned self-critically. In addition, not everyone in the immediate environment is to be trusted.

Positive Aspects

Concentrating on the existing wishes and needs, the mantis helps in the fulfillment as well as achievement of goals. The own ability will convince and lead to success. Focused entirely on themselves, obstacles can be removed from the way.

Negative Aspects

In matters of love, a bond does not seem to be sustainable in the long run. The insect is a sign of a sexual connection or a bond as a means to an end. If the mantis appears in a dream, the dreamer should ask himself what demands he has on others and whether these are mutual.