The lynx provides information about the vitality and status of independence. Vigilant and mostly undetected, he moves through his territory. He creeps around and watches every movement very closely.

The lynx belongs to the genus of cats. It is found in the forests of Europe and Asia. He also likes open landscapes and the undergrowth. Its prey mainly includes chamois and deer. In addition, the quadruped hunts foxes, mice, rats, squirrels, wild boars, hares or rabbits.

The lynx is a loner, which surprisingly comes out of its hiding place. At mating time, the animals gather together, only to separate again immediately after fertilization. The female animal takes care of the offspring alone. The adult lynxes have few natural enemies. The young animals, on the other hand, are often hunted and killed by other forest dwellers. The animals are shy, fast and very alert.

Power Animal Lynx

The power animal lynx symbolizes independence and self-reliance. The animal is on its own except for the mating season from sexual maturity. It takes care of all its own needs without help or the power of the community. Always alert and fully observant, the lynx creeps through the countryside and surprises its opponents. Most often, the quadruped remains undetected and well camouflaged in the undergrowth. The power animal reminds us that true strength is found within. The sensitive abilities are promoted and reach a new peak.

Positive Consideration

Reflection on one’s own senses and intuitions is the key to success. Only those who fully listen to themselves will achieve their desired goal. The power animal is able to camouflage itself almost perfectly from adversaries and envious people. The quadruped protects itself best and knows its way. The own potential is exhausted. Creative sides are brought to life and thus open up new possibilities.

Negative Consideration

Loners often do not find social interaction with others easy. Patience with others or sufficient tolerance towards them is often not given. Communication is disturbed and triggers conflicts, misunderstandings as well as a lack of cooperation. This leads to the creation of a social imbalance. Egoism, arrogance and arrogance are just as much a part of the shadow side as loneliness or lack of understanding.

Dream Interpretation Lynx

In dream interpretation, the lynx stands for the promotion of intuitive powers. Unconscious energy is released. Quick action and reflection on their own needs are the focus. The sharp eye and flashes of inspiration express the animal in a dream. The essential elements are precisely recognized and connections are made through observation.

Positive Aspects

The quadruped is a symbol of the objective motivation for action. Therefore, in the coming time, the dreamer will be less overcome by emotions or have to face emotional developments of others. The animal has only a few natural enemies. Who will be one of them will soon become apparent.

Negative Aspects

The lynx embodies the ambush and falsehood. As soon as the dreamer does not behave correctly or fairly, he will take responsibility for his actions faster than he would like. In addition, it should be checked whether there are unpleasant competitors in the private or professional sphere.