The rhinoceros is a quiet and sluggish creature under normal conditions. It likes seclusion and changes its appearance only when it feels threatened.

The rhinoceros is one of the oldest inhabitants of this planet. Already many millennia ago it was immortalized on the walls of the caves. Cave paintings gave rise to many myths and stories about the mammal. The way of life of the animal is very simple. In warm areas of the earth, they live in seclusion and avoid humans. Natural enemies include lions and tigers.

The rhinos, contrary to many opinions, are calm animals. They only attack when they feel threatened or their offspring. Their daily routine includes a lot of rest. The mammals have a poorly developed sense of sight. In return, hearing is all the more pronounced in them. Vegetarians are diurnal and nocturnal.

Rhinos have one horn on their forehead. A rhinoceros has two horns and lives in Africa and Asia. They come from one family and are treated the same in the energetic view.

Power Animal Rhinoceros

The power animal rhinoceros embodies a certain leisureliness. It moves sluggishly and shows little flexibility. The horn of the animal symbolizes the assertiveness and willpower. On the energetic level, the rhinoceros wants to call upon to mobilize its forces and to defend itself against adversaries.

Often there is a misjudgement of behavior. The mood is slightly aggressive and overreactions can occur because the feeling of threat is omnipresent. Nonverbal signals are currently intensified and can lead to quick reactions.

Positive Consideration

The poor sense of sight of the rhinoceros leads to the fact that all other senses are sharpened. Those who manage not to be distracted by trifles or unimportant things in life will now be successful. The inner wisdom cannot be deceived or lured on the wrong track by trivialities.

Negative Consideration

The apparent inertia of the animal expresses that the burden of one’s life seems too heavy. Hardly anyone helps to cope with the challenges ahead. In addition, there is a danger that enemies will appear, from which intensive protection is necessary.

Dream Rnterpretation Rhinoceros

Erscheint das Nashorn im Traum, liegt eine intensive sexuelle Energie in der Luft. Zudem sind die innere Stärke und der eigene Wille sehr ausgeprägt. Nicht alle Entscheidungen sind rationaler Natur. Vielmehr kommt es zu einer Entladung des im Unbewussten aufgestauten.

Das Tier kann als Warnung verstanden werden. Eine zu hemmungslose Gestaltung des eigenen Lebens kündigt Schwierigkeiten an. Ungestümes und hemmungsloses Verhalten ist möglich.

Positive Aspects

In the case of current challenges, the dreamer has the power to overcome them. With full physical effort he succeeds in achieving his goal. Opponents and adversaries will be surprised with what power the dreamer will defend his own territory.

Negative Aspects

The own driving force is increased and characterized by an aggressive basic mood. In addition, in contact with the partner, his sexual energy should not be underestimated. Overstraining can occur if the desires and practiced techniques are not openly discussed.