Reptiles or reptiles are among the oldest inhabitants of our planet. They symbolize the ability to change and adapt.

The group of reptiles includes animal species that have a mostly dry and scaly skin surface. The most famous animals of this group are turtles, snakes, chameleons or crocodiles. They are cold-blooded animals. This means that they adapt their body temperature to the environment. If it is cold, they fall into a winter torpor. Most reptiles live in particularly warm to hot regions. There are no preferred places. For this reason they can be found in forests as well as in humid areas. Except for Antarctica, representatives of the reptiles can be found on all continents.

Power Animal Reptiles

As a power animal, the reptiles bring the awareness that only with a progress or a further development the quality of life can be improved. Standstill brings annoyance and means aggravation for oneself and the environment. With warmth in the heart in all decisions, the power animal promises a positive development.

Positive Consideration

Life means change and transformation. Keeping up with the times without giving up oneself brings advantages in shaping one’s own life. The inner wisdom knows all the answers and knows about the necessity of the current adjustments.

Negative Consideration

The power animal indicates that help is born only out of one’s own self. If a change falls into the realm of the impossible or a refusal of the inevitable prevails, loss and isolation occur.

Dream Interpretation Reptiles

If reptiles appear in a dream or even one appears, the dreamer should concentrate on the essential aspects and follow his basic instincts. At the moment no one can help and necessary decisions must be made.

Positive Aspects

Only those who are able to adapt well to current requirements will leave the field as winners. Personal development is currently required in order not to get lost in the fray.

Negative Aspects

In dream interpretation reptiles are a warning sign. Those who focus only on satisfying their own needs or do not want to initiate their own changes will soon lose out.