The salamander brings change and reminds us of the power of intuitive action. Old burns in the blazing sun so that new can arise. The time of transformation has come.

The salamander belongs to the amphibian genus and visually resembles the lizard. It is found in Europe and especially in hilly areas, forests, along rivers or near mountains. The cave animals build their dwellings by themselves. The skin is naked, black colored with yellow spots. As soon as it rains, the quadrupeds leave their hiding places. Sometimes it can be observed how frogs and salamanders socialize. The animals shed their skin and feed on creeping and crawling animals such as snails or earthworms. Mosquitoes and crayfish are also among their prey.

Salamanders and newts belong to the amphibians and are treated the same on the energetic level.

Power Animal Salamander

The power animal salamander is a sign of transformation and change. The animal sheds its skin and thus brings the creative power to flow. The quadruped is assigned to the element of fire and thus also brings the drive into life. Old things are burned energetically, so that the door for new developments can open. Purification and forgiveness take place. The time is ripe to leave the stuck structures and patterns behind.

Positive Consideration

The here and now is the focus of what is happening. Current developments are used and have a liberating power. Regeneration has begun, courage increases and emotions take on a stronger meaning. Past experiences have left a deadening effect and have curbed compassion towards oneself as well as others. Forgiveness is purifying and will encourage the creative urge.

Negative Consideration

Holding on to the past will make the current state more difficult. Those who fail to embrace the new will experience a loss of zest and energy for life. Withdrawal and loneliness are the consequences. Anger, aggression and lack of tact show up. The salamander brings out the power of fire. Impulsive behavior and a lack of a sense of responsibility are also among the dark sides of the power animal.

Dream Interpretation Salamander

In dream interpretation, the salamander is a sign of instinctive action. Unconscious actions are to be expected. The mind has a break and the human driving force pushes itself to the fore. The drive is intensified, so that the performance will experience a boom.

Positive Aspects

The cognitive abilities, thinking and reacting are fast and targeted. Nothing happens out of carelessness, but intuitively and correctly. As if remotely controlled, the dreamer will make decisions in the near future, although the head had a different idea before.

Negative Aspects

As soon as the dreamer goes against his gut feeling he will experience inner tension. In these cases, the driving force is steered in a negative direction and ensures an unfair or exaggerated appearance. Anger and disappointment are the consequences.