On the energetic level, the sparrow brings chattiness, sociability and being with like-minded people. The songbird promotes the joy of life and thus improves the well-being.

The sparrow, which belongs to the sparrow family, is a songbird living in Eurasia, Africa, America and Australia. It prefers open and warm regions as well as scrublands, savannas or deserts. It can also be found in wooded areas, bushes and near human settlements. The monogamous birds live in loose colonies with a clear hierarchy.

Sparrows build nests in a spherical shape with a side entrance. For plumage care, they prefer sand bathing, as this expels parasites from the plumage. The diet of songbirds includes plants and small insects. They themselves need to protect themselves from squirrels, hawks, ravens, magpies or weasels.

Power Animal Sparrow

The power animal sparrow symbolizes communication. The exchange and contact with like-minded people are the focus. Instructive information can be passed on to the younger generation by older or wiser people. There is a fine line between imparting knowledge and talking. Therefore, the power animal can also bring the turmoil or gossip.

Positive Consideration

With the power animal sparrow, the joy of life returns. The current state of mind improves and the well-being increases. Sociability increases and therefore protects against being alone. Words flow from the lips. Everyone can formulate his thoughts and receives resonance on it.

Negative Consideration

Der Spatz fördert das Ausplaudern von Geheimnissen oder Initimitäten. Gesagtes gelangt in die falschen Ohren und wird Konsequenzen nach sich ziehen. Dies führt im weiteren Verlauf zu Konflikten und bringt Probleme. Entscheidungen werden aus einer Stimmung heraus getroffen und sind meist nicht ausreichend durchdacht.

Dream Interpretation Sparrow

In dream interpretation, the sparrow brings a time of relaxed atmosphere. Proximity to other people is sought or group activities increase. Verbal exchange with other people is encouraged by the sparrow.

Positive Aspects

Sociability will increase in the coming days. The dreamer diligently performs all the tasks that arise and will take care of other people. Many conversations will take place, so that a lively exchange of information will determine everyday life.

Negative Aspects

With the sparrow blazes the danger of unintentionally divulge secrets or intimate confessions. The talkativeness will fall on the feet of the dreamer in retrospect. Gossip and truth can also no longer be clearly distinguished later.