Snow Leopard

The snow leopard symbolizes assertiveness and getting ahead. In addition, he brings a strong self-confidence.

Snow leopards are solitary animals and are mainly found in the mountains. They prefer regions that are about 3,000 – 5,000 meters above sea level. The predators belong to the cat family and are the best jumpers among the felines. The longest jump ever measured was almost 12 meters. Living mainly in Asia and Russia, the mammals have a light-colored fur that protects them against the cold.

The quadrupeds are skilled climbers and have a fixed territory in which they stay. This makes it a pro at knowing where to find prey, where it has the best view over the terrain, where it can hunt undisturbed at night and where it can sleep safely. The snow leopard prefers to hunt ibex, sheep or wild boar. It is no problem for him to snatch animals that weigh up to six times as much as he does.

Power Animal Snow Leopard

The power animal snow leopard brings success and moving forward. The coming developments go forward in big steps. Power and strength increase, so that even great challenges can be successfully overcome. Your own skills are more than sufficient to reach set goals. The research of the last weeks pays off, as good decisions are made based on the knowledge built up.

Positive Consideration

The loner, threatened with extinction, can assert himself despite adverse circumstances. The assertiveness increases and the personal potential grows. With the support of the power animal, competitors can be successfully defeated.

Negative Consideration

There is little reliance on the support of fellow human beings or members of one’s own family at the moment. All steps are taken under one’s own power. Success is certain, but the power animal lets know that all developments depend on personal competencies.

Dream Interpretation Snow Leopard

If the snow leopard appears in a dream, it indicates that projects or concerns will succeed. One’s ability will lead to success and bring triumph, as the dreamer will go into upcoming situations or set deadlines well prepared. The chances are good to assert oneself in a current matter.

Positive Aspects

Enviers, adversaries or rivals will lose out. Even people who were considered potential winners will have to accept the fact that the dreamer has better conditions.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer is alone in all decisions. This leads to the fact that he can rely on no one and can count on no support.