On the energetic level, the tick is a symbol of energy robbery. One’s own advancement is lived at the expense of another. This leads to overstraining and physical weakness.

The tick belongs to the class of arachnids and to the subclass of mites. The body of ticks consists of two sections. Both move in opposite directions to each other. The insect‘s mouthparts allow it to suck the blood of another living creature, called the host. They are found all over the world and are always looking for a new host.

Ticks either climb plants to then attach themselves to a new host or actively move forward on the ground so they can find their new food victim. Ticks are disease vectors and thus can be very dangerous to both humans and animals. Their natural predators include birds and worms. In addition, some types of fungi can put an end to the life of the bloodsucker.

Power Animal Tick

The power animal tick warns of a disturbed inner balance and the classic energy robbery. The necessary protection against foreign energies is not given. The problems of others determine one’s own life and leave hardly any room for personal development. There is a lack of retreat and regeneration possibilities. As soon as the insect appears on the energetic level, there is a need for action.

Positive Consideration

With the tick, there is the possibility to participate in the short term from the power of another. However, this should be the last and not the first choice. Under certain circumstances the power animal can help to get enough basic energy. However, as soon as one’s own resources allow it, another way of energetic power building is to be taken up.

Negative Consideration

The power animal tick weakens the own physical forces and warns of illness. People from the closer environment should be reminded of their personal responsibility. Assistance is possible, but self-sacrifice in assisting others leads to weakened well-being.

Dream Interpretation Tick

In dream interpretation the tick represents a warning. The individual physical forces are dwindling and the risks for further disturbances are increasing. There is a need for action so that the protective mechanism can take effect again. Therefore problem factors are to be analyzed so that they can be eliminated afterwards.

Positive Aspects

The tick shows existing weak points. An inner balance should be restored. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to which areas are addressed by the tick in the dream.

Negative Aspects

If the tick’s warning is disregarded, existing difficulties can be expected to increase in intensity. In addition, the susceptibility to disease increases in the current phase of life. Protective measures should be taken in time to avoid the feeling of loss of control.