The wagtail brings the happy and carefree moments into life. With her return joy of life, laughter and making music.

The songbird moves forward bobbing striding or running on the ground. It is native to almost all countries of the northern hemisphere and likes open areas. The migratory bird finds enough food in meadows, which consists of insects such as beetles or flies.

Courtship takes place on the ground, which distinguishes stilts from other birds. The males chase away troublemakers from their territory and protect their female. The nests are located in niches or semi-open cavities.

Power Animal Wagtail

The power animal wagtail brings pure joy and awakens spring feelings. With the songbird comes a relaxed atmosphere with musical elements. Through sounds, singing and making music yourself, the well-being can be optimized. The company of a loved one has a beneficial effect and brings beautiful moments.

Positive Consideration

The bird invites you to examine your own goals and discover the spirit of adventure. The time is ripe to exchange the familiar paths for new ones. Together with someone close, new discoveries can enrich life.

Negative Consideration

The perky and lively songbird is not very robust. Therefore, efforts of strength should be avoided or reduced to a minimum. The power animal wagtail brings the enjoyment of life and less the physical feats.

Dream Interpretation Wagtail

If the wagtail bobs through a dream, there is joyful news. A surprise or a gift seems to await the dreamer soon. Together with a team partner, a convincing performance can be delivered.

Positive Aspects

Looseness and serenity accompany the dreamer in the coming days. A celebration or a pleasant get-together will round off a beautiful and joyful day. All worries seem to be forgotten for a moment.

Negative Aspects

In a difficult project, there is a lack of concentration and planning will. Assertiveness wanes and there is a risk of failure if all forces are not mobilized as quickly as possible.